• room with bunkbeds and sitting area


First Room

Octo Room

When the more really is the merrier, Octo can really host a crowd. This apartment-style room opens up to eight leveled-up bunk beds perfect for families or tight-knit groups. These unique quarters feature a common seating area, two showers, two toilets, and two sink areas — plus a lockable closet with separate storage and individual safes. To guarantee a good night’s sleep for all, there are no TVs in our Octo rooms.

  • 8 Bunk Beds
    8 Bunk Beds
  • 595 Sq. Ft.
    595 Sq. Ft.
  • Sleeps 8
    Sleeps 8
  • 2 Sinks, Toilets & Showers
    2 Sinks, Toilets & Showers
  • Lockable Closet & Safes
    Lockable Closet & Safes
  • Mini Fridge
    Mini Fridge
  • Spacious Seating Area
    Spacious Seating Area
  • Walk-in Rainfall Shower
    Walk-in Rainfall Shower

Other Rooms you may like

  • Double Double Room

    two beds

    Double the beds, double the comfort. Sleep side-by-side in our only room with separate beds, plus two lounge chairs and a work nook with a desk.

    • 2 Double Beds
      2 Double Beds
    • 264 - 283 Sq. Ft
      264 - 283 Sq. Ft
    • Sleeps 2
      Sleeps 2
  • Quad room

    bedroom with four bunkbeds

    Our Quad rooms channel old-school sleepover vibes with four leveled-up, ultra-comfortable bunk beds, perfect for families or tight-knit groups.

    • 4 Bunk Beds
      4 Bunk Beds
    • 265 Sq. Ft
      265 Sq. Ft
    • Sleeps 4
      Sleeps 4
  • Park Suite

    bedroom with separate sitting area

    Looking for a little more room? Sink into this suite’s sunlit living area with a daybed and lounge chair, perfect for everything from chatting to napping.

    • 1 King Bed + Daybed
      1 King Bed + Daybed
    • 580 Sq. Ft
      580 Sq. Ft
    • Sleeps 3
      Sleeps 3